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bedz 2 go.

Bedz 2 Go is a local business that sells beds in Aberdeen. Lewis, the client, was open to crazy creative ideas so I was keen to pitch interesting approaches. As a local company, Bedz 2 Go is down-to-earth. Lewis wanted to show that he was just like any customer that comes into his shop. However, he was up for a fun tone that fitted well with previous adverts.

the idea.

We pitched different ideas. One of them placed the owner singing in a seventies music video, which he loved! Eventually he decided to go with the Game Show idea, where we turned the showroom into a television studio with him as the presenter! Although I was the creative in this project, the advert was produced by a local company in Aberdeen, which made the execution process easier for the client. Nonetheless, we are thrilled with the result. And here we go...


CREATIVE: Patricia G.
PRODUCER: Will Leitch
STV Creative March 20

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