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the cook school.

Due to lockdown restrictions in the UK, The Cook School was launching a new virtual cooking class led by their head chef. The company provided fresh ingredients and delivered them to the participants' doorstep for the session at home. The Cook School wanted to communicate that it was a fun experience to share with family and friends, taking away the stigma of seriousness that comes with professional cooking.

the idea.

Using The Cook School assets, we built a colourful mosaic on screen. The delicious looking dishes sliding in and out, stood out for themselves. We combined these blocks with a bold typography and a playful music to set up the mood for a fun night in at home.
¡Buen provecho!

Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 12.09.33.png
Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 12.07.08.png

CREATIVE: Patricia G.
PRODUCER: Vicky Brough
MOTION GRAPHICS: Andy Tomlinson & Calum Youngson
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graham Anderson
STV Creative October 20

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