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mcdonald flooring.

McDonald Flooring sells carpets and floors for homes and businesses in Scotland. They stand out for the high quality of their products and excellent service. They were looking for a catchy idea that differentiated them from other flooring companies. It was a great opportunity to do something unusual in an industry that doesn't normally go for a creative approach (at least in Glasgow). 

the idea.

I was eager to make McDonald Flooring advert memorable. For this reason I came up with the idea named Beats, a catchy tune played by hands installing flooring. There was really no need for a long script as we could show the wide variety of flooring options and engage the viewer through an infectious rhythm. It was incredibly fun to work with Liam, the composer, in the studio.


CREATIVE: Patricia G.
PRODUCER: Aidan Omara
COMPOSER: Liam Chapman

STV Creative June 20

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