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Being too nice

I read an article written by Jeff Barton few days ago. It is all about how being nice can be seen as a weakness by some people. I really like they way his words express frustration and become powerful while you read it. I couldn't agree more.

"We got told that nice is boring and pathetic. We aren't content with the happiness that's right in front of us, because we can't seem to recognise it anymore. So instead we chase what's bad for us because it is a thrill and passionate and exciting. We are always trying to choose "up" even if the choice can ruin the good thing we have. Because the grass is always greener, right? We don't want nice anymore. (...) So if being "too nice" is a character flow, then add it to my long list. Because I'm not going to treat you like shit. If that is what you want, I'm not in it. "

To read the full article, click here:

To read the full article, click in the photo.

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