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Society Is Hiring

Society is hiring:

Pretty doll, but not too tall big eyes, mascara always on. We want them wise, with no wrinkles. Forget it if you’re 30 and still single. Graduated in big smiles that nod and shine, but for hips, we always prefer a small size. It must be someone alert, always on the ball, intelligent, but only for a puppet show because if you prove you can think a bit more you’ll be a threat, then fired, then gone all before the curtain falls. You’re required to be the best with a hard-working mindset and when the leash gets tight you can’t sweat, we won’t hire you if you cry and get upset. A bit shy, but don’t rely, don’t lie and don’t fly. Never give up, never give less, under stress. If you’d like to apply, we can start the process. Welcome to a society that is unfair, that sets expectations for women impossible to wear.

#Poetry #women #angrypoetry #anxiety #stress #womanpower #controversial

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