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- Mum, what does that poster say? 
- Greengrocer.
- Mmh, How about that one?
- Books, half price.


I was 3 years old and I couldn't wait to learn how to read. I used to ask my mum for every single poster, sign or banner, as we were walking in the street. I can say that it is how my relationship with advertising started. 

Now, I still keep myself curious to know more and more.
But this time I am by myself and it seems the challenge continues...


Office Suite

Nursery Practitioner
(Annandale Nursery - Bright Horizons)
Edinburgh 11/17 - Present

(Norwood House
Edinburgh 04/16 - 10/17
- In charge of activity planning to promote the development of children.
- Childcare (from babies to preschool).
While I am studying Creative Advertising Postgraduate, I enjoy working in childcare. Children's limitless imagination is what fascinates me, and it encourages me to bring my most creative side.


Front-desk & Quality Control Department

Seville, Spain 04/15-11/15
- Storehouse monitoring, productivity and logistic documents management.
- Client facing duties, working in-situ on client’s facilities and visiting them.
- Shipment boxes quality control before shipments to Decathlon stores.
Working in a busy reception helped me to consolidate my communication and organisational skills. Being responsible for security aspects and treating with different people, either within or outside the warehouse, really made me grow up profesionally.

Audiovisuals Responsible
Freelance (Superinventos)

Seville, Spain 03/14-04/15
- Responsible for advertising ideas and planning for company’s communications.
- Film, production and edit advertising material and web.
Curiously, I did not know anything about editing videos before. I needed to teach myself Adobe Premiere in order to apply for this position. I got the job and I kept it until a few months before I moved to Edinburgh.
Please, find some of these videos in my Vimeo account.

Member of Creative Department
Internship (ATN Producer)

Seville, Spain 01/14-05/14
- Project’s presentation with Power Point in front of clients.
- Logotypes conceptual and graphical design.
After this experience, I became an expert at presentations using Power Point and Prezi. I also started to create my first logotypes in this company. This drove me to some other designs later, such as Arte Escondido or Smarket. 
(See projects:       )
Microsoft Student Partner Consumer
Feb 12 - Feb 15
Planning events for university students, organizations and logistics.Microsoft products promotion and demo deliveries at local events.
When working for Microsoft, I was able to organise small events by myself. I also became completely confident speaking in public.
  • Vimeo - Grey Circle


Creative Advertising Postgraduate
(Napier University)

Edinburgh, Scotland 18 - Present

Graphic Design Advance Course
(CEI Design School)

​Seville, Spain 14-15

Thanks to this course, I can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, and I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. I made Aradna Magazine as a final project. (See projects:       )



Advertising and Public Relations
(University of Seville)
Seville, Spain 10-14
I graduated  with a 7.8 out of 10. I achieved High Honors in 6 subjects: Creative Advertising, Creative Composition, Cultural Industries, Advertising Analysis, Communication and New Literary Trends. (Academic Record Available.)


Headway Group
02/18 - 07/18
Responsible for the Creative Writing Workshop.
Team Leading (Distance course)
(West College Scotland)
06/18 - 10/18

Online Advertising (Distance course)
(Open Universities Australia)

Audiovisuals resources and Literature Department Intern
(University of Seville)
Seville, Spain 09/13 - 04/14

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