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Wasa Flip The Script

Flip The Script is a docuseries by Wasa crispbread where we shine the light on heroes stepping up for the planet. Wasa's channel became a home for sustainable businesses helping to tackle climate change and 'flipping the script'. We grew our community and following on the platform and celebrated innovation establishing Wasa as a trustworthy voice in the sustainability space. The docuseries shows 8 heroes, one per episode, and covers a range of different topics.


Malena from Hey Planet

Hey Planet is a company based in Copenhagen led by Malena. They make meat with insect protein. This reduces the impact on the planet on a serious big scale in comparison with beef and other meats. Apart from creative and preproduction, I travelled to Copenhagen and interviewed Malena.


Ana Luz from Vacka

Ana Luz is the founder of Vacka, a vegan cheese company in Spain. She claims: we don't need perfect vegans, but people making small changes for the planet. I was across creative, preproduction and postproduction processes.


Jessie, chef of the year 

Jessie is a sustainability advocate who innovates through her cooking skills. As chef of the year 2022, Jessie's vision is inspiring and admirable. We travelled to Stockholm and accompanied Jessie on her day- from the kitchen to the local market, as we discussed her journey.


We shared  interactive stories to promote the docuseries and drive people to the episodes. These are some examples for episode 7, where we interviewed Jessie.

Here is a recap of Wasa Crispbread 2022 campaigns on social and some amazing results!

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